Export from bulk actions on list view not working

Hi suiteCRM community - first time user and loving it. I want to export all records in accounts. I select all and choose export in bulk actions but nothing appears to happen. When I create a template to do an import that all works fine and csv is created and appears in usual download location. No useful message in dev tools on chrome, that I can identify anyway. Any tips? I presume its likely a config issue… if so where should I start debugging?

Usually on SuiteCRM, you will not got prompt before downloading a file. It will directly download once you click on download button.

You could change settings on the browser.

This is a browser specific setting.

  1. In Chrome: Go to Settings > Downloads > and then select checkbox Ask where to save each file before downloading
  2. In Firefox: Go to Tools > Options, open General tab and select radio button Always ask me where to save files
  3. In Internet Explorer 8: When the download dialog opens up, click Save button and choose the location.

Thanks rsp - the issue is that when I request an export there is no download at all unfortunately. But another download works fine - from the “import data” to accounts option - the template file download happens as expected (when importing or updating to accounts you can request a template file to help construct the csv for importing) - a file is downloaded to the default location as usual.

So it seemed possible there is a misconfiguration somewhere. Sometimes the trace in dev tools helps debug - but there in no obvious error flagged there. I did try your suggestion though thanks - no option to choose a location is presented, so that might be useful in debugging? It seems the exporting process might not even get as far as creating an export file to download.



You probably have something in the server-side logs

Also watch out for any anti-virus software or browser security add-on that might be blocking the download.

There are 2 possibility for export issue as listed below,

Memory Limit:

Verify that the PHP memory limit is sufficient for the export operation, especially if you are dealing with a large number of records. You can adjust the memory limit in the php.ini file.

Check File Permissions:

Ensure that the web server has the necessary permissions to write to the directory where the exported CSV file is supposed to be created. If the permissions are not set correctly, the export process might fail.

Thanks - learning :slight_smile: A restart of the app has restored functionality…