Export existing field in cases into custom module

I am creating a new module and would like to add this really awesome field found in cases module (case updates; the one users can drop updates about a particular case). Is it possible to achieve this without coding? I am not a programmer.
I would also like to add more than one file upload button as I may need multiple files to be uploaded. All contributions are welcome.

Hi. No, this is not possible without extensive coding.

I recommend that you just use the Cases module for your needs. In general, you’re better off re-using SuiteCRM core modules for your purposes than starting new modules. You get a lot of extra functionality this way.

Thank you for responding. The problem is that I am already using the Cases module and this new module would need to be renamed, it would need new fields, layouts, etc. If there is a resource or an already writen code that does something similar kindly refer me to it. I can play with it on a test server before deploying on the production server.

Sorry, you don’t have much option then, except if you hire a developer to copy over the Cases Updates threaded code into the new module. But it’s going to be tricky because it uses some fancy back-end/front-end interaction, that makes it impossible to play with from Studio/Module builder. It’s specifically built for a purpose, it adds nice functionality but precludes the typical abilities that regular SuiteCRM modules/fields have, where you can drag-and-drop and duplicate and everything just works.

Hi @eky,
It is not your game. Hire someone to do this for you. Even a fresh CRM developer will never be able to do it. You have to engage any experienced one.

Thank you for your response. I will look for another solution

I have created a custom module Called Department and added One to Many … On the export from listview you have no access to fields from other modules . … Create a textfield like I did it on the cases module on this screenshot. tick the … On existing records you must perform any way of update / edit on each record to let this.