Export data from SugarCRM 6.x to SuiteCRM 7.6.4

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I have just installer the latest version of Suite CRM :

Version 7.6.4 (Sugar Version 6.5.23 (build 1061))

This new version rocks a lot !!

So now, does anyone know if it’s possible to exporte data from an old SugarCRM (6.x) and put these datas to my new install ?
Like export data from excel and then import them to SuiteCRM ?

Thanks anybody ^^

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Yes it is possible if the data structure are the same, if you have custom fields in your old sugar then you need to match them in the new suite

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Thanks mikebeck :slight_smile:
If I don’t want the same custom, is there any way to export to some Excel file, and then delete the custom fields ?

Yes you can export records as csv files from inside most modules. For example go to accounts and tick the checkboxs of some of the records on the list view. There is a small dropdown menu next to the deleted button which should have the export option in it. This will create a csv file with those record you checked in it. You can then import those into another instance of Suitecrm using the import wizard.

Hello there,
Is there any ways to export all the datas in a single csv file ?
I don’t have any custom modules.

I just need/want all the datas inside, to be upload to the last SuiteCrm.

Help ?
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Hello Andy,
I finally found this option.
My display is 20 contacts / page.
I have more than 1800 contacts.
Do you mind to tell me how to display all of my contacts ?

Secondly, in order to match the columns, can I export data from SuiteCRM 7.x and compare these with export from SugarCRM 6.x ?

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You cant display all of your contacts on one page but there is an option to select all contacts. You can then export them all. This would take some time.

hu ?
Can you tell me where is this “select all contacts” option ?

Its very simple and easy to find :whistle:

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Hello Andy,

First, thanks for your help :slight_smile:

I’m using the French version of this SuiteCRM.
When I export, I have some “language bugs” :

“Téléphone”,“Téléphone Alternatif”

Do you have an idea in order to manage these datas ?

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Hello all,
Forget about my last message, I resolved it (UTF 8 encoding problem).
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Hello mikebeck,
Thanks for your information.

I have an issue about the “employees” data.
On my new crm, I already have some users.
Do I have to take back the id data from the old sugar and copy them to the new one ?
Because each employee got an ID, and each contact/account seems linked to these id.

Thanks :slight_smile: