Export csv encoding &#039

when I export a csv I notice some strange encoding.

Surely, one concerns the euro symbol which becomes “€” in the currency fields.
The other is the apostrophe which appears as “&#039” and breaks the data of the entire row.

I have done some research and I have seen that some corrections are already applied in my version of SuiteCRM (AOR_Report.php):
Version 7.11.2
Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344)

What else can I do because this not happen?
How can I intercept characters that are creating issues and make a replacement?

Thanks so much

Double check the field “Import/Export Character Set” from tab Advanced in your Profile.


Hi, it is UTF-8.
Is this to be changed?

Are you opening the exported csv on Excel or on any other application?


Excel, but strange encodings also come out in pdf files: for example, the “è”.

Can you make sure the data stored on CRM are properly displayed?

Yes, the data displayed in the CRM and in the report sent by mail (HTML) are correctly read .

unfortunately I can’t get over this problem. I read many forums and checked that the different fixes were present in my Suite version.

So my question is:

  • even if it is not the best solution, where and how can I intercept the apostrophes printed in all pdf and make a simple replace?
    like $str = str_replace ("’","’", $str);

Thanks for any help.

Hi again!
I finally understood part of the problem, at least as regards the apostrophe.

This is also encoded in csv export as “&#039” when the report field appears as a link because it is a related field (please note, it is not set as “link” in the report).

In practice, it takes somewhere, before being printed in scv, the html ecoding.
So, is there a way to correct it?

Thank you!


Did you get anywhere with this?

I’ve noticed the characters export fine from list view, but do not export correctly from reports, so this does seem like a SuiteCRM issue



Hi, sorry, not yet.
I did some tests but none were successful.