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My companie has been using Suite CRM (the free version) for several years. I would like to export data about Contacts (into csv format), stored in the software.

It seems that from the free version of the software, data cannot be exported. Can somebody confirm ? How can one export data stored in the free version ?

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That understanding is not correct.

SuiteCRM is fully 10% open source -SalesAgility have always been 100% hot to make that a priority.

And to avoid data Lock-in.

To get your data out - the most common way, that any user can do (no need to be admin:- no need for PHP skills or CLI - 100% in the SUITE front end): is to create a Report in the Reports module, filtered for the contacts you want and the fields you want. and use the EXPORT button.

Have you used Reports?
What version of Suite are you on?

you can directly export all contacts in the listview (all fields will be included). Secondly, you can of course retrieve those details from the database in case the csv cannot be processed.

Hi DJuser,
Thank you for your help. About the version of SuiteCRM I am using in my company : all I can see is that it is Version “7.11.13”, or “Sugar Version 6.5.25 (version de construction 344)”.
It seems that I do not have the “Export button”, that you are mentionning…

Hi diligent,
Thank you for your answer. I do not see any button in the listview to export contacts… Maybe I should try to have acces to the source code ?

On listview you have checkbox, Do select any record and you will have “Bulk action”, where you will have multiple options. as shown in image.

Thank you, sagarjaydeep.

I still do not see the Export button. I think that either my version of the tool or my account settings do not allow me to have access to that module.

I will keep you guys in touch. Thanks a lot.

Aah, It could be in your admin settings. Admin->Locale “Disable export” might be checked.

Dear all,
From my colleague’s account (which is an Admin account), I have found the way to export into CSV format ! All you need to do is to go to Contacts (for ex) > Select > Bulk Actions and then Export.
Thank you very much again for all your help.

Ahh so it was roles that caused it.

SuiteCRM does have in build roles that allow Admin to grant privileges to groups of users with access to either view, access, export (and other actions) the records on the CRM. It sounds like your admin had just applied that to your group of users. Standard practice, and good to see your Admin had applied it.

Actually, yes… It was simpler than I was expecting ! Thank you, samus-aran. :slight_smile:

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