Export and Import DATA

Hi everyone

Actually, im working with two version of SuiteCRM 778 and 788.

I dont want to upgrade the 778 version to 788, because there is a lot of information that was customizable, and if i upgrade the information, a lot of data will be lost.

I just want to know. How to export and import all the data (Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, Activities…) from 778 to 788?

Thank you.

Why would you think you would lose data?

Just back up your database before hand and back up the file system. If there is a problem you can just copy the old version back and then go back to the old database.

Regardless, if you want to export accounts, just go to “accounts” , select all and then click “bulk action” and export. you can do the same for leads, call reports, etc, etc.

Hi william,
everytime you want to UPGRADE there are some little steps that can help you to done a good job:

  1. create a test area with a clone of your suitecrm installation (replicate files and db).
  2. try to upgrade in test area and verify that everything is ok.
  3. if “everything ok” create a backup of your suitecrm (files and db) and upgrade

if there are some problem in “upgrade on test area”, try to understand where and why and if there is a solution. If you can’t find a solution you can call a developer or try to proceed whit import / export operation from old to new installation.

As others have explained before, it’s simple: don’t upgrade and migrate at the same time. Those are two separate movements.

If you want your new version in the same place, just upgrade, that’s it.

If you want it on a different computer/VM, first migrate it, get it working, solve any problems, then upgrade.

I would avoid going the import/export route at all costs. You always end up with lots of loose ends. SuiteCRM data is complex and very interconnected.

Ok, I’ll try the option of upgrade the application on “testing area”.

I think the data will be lost, because im new on the project and i dont know if the last developer who was working on the suitecrm project made some changes on the code, for example, he change all the colors of the Suite P theme, and suiteCRM dont have that option.

Q: Whats the difference of migrate, upgrade and export/import the data?

Thank you all!

PD: sorry for my english.

Generally, if you do modifications to the PHP, you copy the file to the “custom” directory and make the modifications on the file in the custom directory. When you upgrade, the modifications are “generally” upgrade safe because it doesn’t over ride the custom directory. Sometimes, one of the files you modified in the custom directory needs to be updated to work with the current version. This is the only case where upgrades can cause a problem. In this case you’d have to copy the new version of the file over to “custom” and re-do whatever modifications you had made.

Other than that colors and styling, custom fields, etc. should all be upgrade safe.

I rarely do a complete test environment before upgrade. I just back everything up in case of a catastrophic problem. However, all upgrades have gone pretty smooth so far and I’ve probably done at least a dozen upgrades and all have gone smooth.

But, if you are really worried, then just copy the files to a new folder, copy the database, and make the test installation connect to the copy of the database (change the settings in the config file.) and test the upgrade first.

It seems scary, but really so far so good. Every upgrade for the last 3 years.

migrating - moving SuiteCRM to a different server, requires installing fresh copy of the same version of SuiteCRM, moving database, and custom directory

upgrading - in the same computer, install an upgrade, everything stays the same except you have new features and bugfixes

import/export - converting single tables to text files, to then import on another computer. There are dozens of tables and relationships in SuiteCRM, so this is always a partial work.

Here’s a nice 21st century architecture for all of you, as a suggestion:


Have fun :slight_smile: