Expand Date field and change format

Hello, I´m using version 8.6.1 and I want to create a field “Date” for contacts.

My config is set to dd-mm-yyyy, but the system uses mm-dd-yyyy when I deploy. Is there a way to change it?
Also, I cannot fo back before 2014. Is there a way to expand this? I attached the image of my problem.

Many thanks!


Check your Profile / Advanced / Locale / Date Format.

Thanks @chris001, this is what I mentioned. The Date format in my profile has already been changed, but somehow in contacts, it is not using the same:

Could you check this issue, is it the same as what you are experiencing?

No @chris001, unfortunately, it´s not the same issue. I´m using Chrome, not Safari, and the problem is not a rendering problem but a configuration problem (I tried the console and no errors showing). Also tried changing the file with no difference.

I believe something is overwriting the date format as it is configured dd/mm/yyyy in the user profile, as the form is showing mm/dd/yyyy but can´t find it.

Thanks for all the help!

It looks like you have set date format to mm/dd/yyyy in the profile.

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Thanks so much. I realize the error now. I changed the format in the real account but not the testing account :fearful: :cold_sweat: :see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:

I´m so sorry for this, thanks for all the support!

Glad :smiley: that you found a solution!

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Sure, many thanks everyone!

Isn’t this one the Solution?:

Sorry, I´m new to this. Yes, that was the solution. I already adjust it.