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Excessive page load times after selecting View Accounts

Odd issue and I have not been able to find anyone else with the same symptoms.

When selecting View Accounts (1200+ accounts) it takes at least 30 seconds for the first page of results to load. After displaying the results the page is unresponsive for about 20-30 seconds. But when clicking to load page 2, the hang is about 3 minutes long.

If View Accounts is not selected, all other menu options respond normally. Once View Accounts is selected, all other menu options are excessively slow to respond including logging out.

Encountered on SuiteCRM 8.1.0 - this morning upgraded to 8.1.2 and issue persists. Have run various cleanup/repair admin tasks.

This is the “interesting” part: This is repeatable when using Edge, Chrome, and Firefox on a PC - and when using Edge or Chrome on MacOS. However, there is no issue when using Safari (either MacOS or iPadOS).

Hey Sakman

hmmmm, At a glance, I really am not sure what the issue may be

I think we might need to do a bit of information gathering

  • When the CRM is unresponsive, have you checked the Network Tab of the browser console, to see if any query is running for a long time?
    (This can be opened by pressing F12 for most browsers, and navigating to the “Network” tab)

  • Do you know if the CRM spits out any errors?
    (ie; Is anything found in the PHP error log, or the SuiteCRM.log?)

  • Have you enabled “Log Slow Queries”, found in Admin->System Settings?

Near the bottom of System Settings, You can see “Log Slow Queries” and “Slow Query Time Threshold (Msec)”

Enable “Log Slow Queries”, and set “Slow Query Time Threshold” to around: 25000

Then save

What this will do is; The next time you view Accounts, if a query runs for more than 25 seconds, it will print the running query to SuiteCRM.log

Hopefully, if it is a single long-running query causing your CRM to hang, you will be able to see it in the SuiteCRM.log file

Let us know how things go, or if you find anything of note!

Hey @sakman

A quick update, I’ve had a chance to look into this further and have been able to replicate.

I have raised this on the Suite8 Github Repo, to be tracked as a bug:

If you have any additional information on this, please add it to the above to help with diagnosing

Thank you!

Thank you very much, John.

I also found that the tables were populated with test data that was extracted from SQL server into a CSV and that CSV included unprintable ASCII characters. During import those characters were shoved to the front of the UUID style ID column. But even after removing those entries the problem remained. Hopefully the 1K issue is an easy patch.