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Excell import dropdown lists

As per Will’s request I will put this here:

It would be nice to have a feature that gives you the ability to import an excel sheet with two columns of information as a dropdown list.

This way new list can easily be created and even be shared amongst other users.

Exporting a list would be a great asset as well.

We’re working through the suggestions and will let you know if this will be included or not. Thanks, Will.

Oh yes please.
I have just been charged with entering every single municipality code, the related municipality, county and state for the entire US.

My list of codes for just NJ will take me two weeks to enter


Did you ever figure out a faster solution to input?

I don’t know the answer, but if I had that problem I would try one of these things:

  1. Find out which table that information is going into on the database via phpMyAdmin, and add the data directly into the database form a CSV file (which you can export from Excel)

  2. Find out which PHP file that information is going into on the filesystem, and create one by using find-and-replace over a CSV file exported from Excel

Remember only one of the two strategies will apply, I don’t know which. Of course all this requires some technical skills which I hope you possess : - )

Thanks. Thats what I ended up doing.
Created an excel list with my drop down values. Created the needed html code. and then added it to the php file.

How did I figure out which file holds my content. Add a dropdown value with a very unique value.
Copy the entire file structure of SuiteCRM to your local hard disk.
Use notepad++ to search the entire directory structure for your unique value. If you dont have notepad++ I highly recommend it. Best free tool out there.

the file should be include/language/en_us.lang.php

as well as all other language file translations in the same folder.

There is a FREE extension for you, it can parse thousands of dropdown values along with their fields. Just like you mentioned it has two columns one for field and another for value. It supports multiple languages. Check out the thread below.