Excel and Word (.xlsx and .docx) document upload not working


My system is running on SuiteCRM 7.12.6. It is a fresh installation but it seems that I cannot upload excel (xlsx) or word (docx) files under each module.

I can upload documents like xls, doc but no xlsx and docx files types.

What could be the issue? Thanks

That is pretty weird. I just tried that test case on a 7.12.6 (uploading a docx under a Note record) and it worked like a charm.

Maybe there’s some other software interfering - some browser security, an antivirus, or some other network security device.

EDIT: you can also check file size. Maybe it’s not the extension that causes it to fail, but rather if these files are larger than others and exceed post_max_size or upload_max_filesize in your php.ini settings.

Hi, I have two installations with 7.12.9 and by one installation I have the same Problem. I have fuggure out, if the Filename ends with extention .xlsx and .docx I’v got an HTTP ERROR 500.
So I can fix the Problem when I disable the Module “Documents” in the Search Settings. But this is not a graet solution, cause the search work not with “Documents” any more :frowning:

There are explicit security restrictions to loading uploading those kinds of files.

It is configurable. Search these forums