Events - how to resend email to Delegates which are Invited but Accept Status : No Response

Fresh Install of : SuiteCRM 7.10.7 or SuiteCRM 7.10.9 /or SuiteCRM 7.10.10

I want to remind the Delegates who did not yet respond to the invitation.
The manual states: “Resend Invites” : I see no such item / choise !

  • In filter : I can not filter on Delegates who has got an invitation but no Response. I only see first- & last name.
    (THEN I CAN FILTER & CHANGE THE SEND STATUS , and send that Delegates the email again)
    With Studio & quick repair I have added fields but they do not appear in the Filter - the FIlter stays: First Name & Last Name ONLY

In which part of the “tree” in Studio did you try adding the fields?

Events / Layouts / Filter / Quick filter

Thanks for your Rapid response !!!

That seems to be about the Filter in the main “Events” List view. I don’t think the “Delegates” subpanel is available for editing from Studio.

You might make it work if you create a custom copy of this file:


and change the search fields there.

I am no programmer at all !!.
I have copied the file subpaneldefs.php to: custom/modules/FP_events/metadata

I have changed the search fields to: see below : (just changed the first name field to accept_status). No result. (with or without quick repair)
What are the good variable name & attributes ??

‘searchdefs’ => array(
‘accept_status’ =>
‘name’ => ‘respons’,
‘default’ => true,
‘width’ => ‘10%’,
‘last_name’ =>
‘name’ => ‘last_name’,
‘default’ => true,
‘width’ => ‘10%’,

You can navigate the database structure here:


but this could be tricky, because I see those fields first_name and last_name are in the Leads record, while accept_status is in the relationship itself. It might be hard/impossible to search by relationship fields…

Thinking of workarounds: have tried getting a report of all the Delegates you need? If you can make it happen, then it is possible to add a Report’s results to a Target List, which would allow you to email them again…

Your proposed workaround does not work/.Delegates with the same name will not be added to the Delegate list.
So, then first I have to delete all delegates that did not respond and then delete them.
But if I manually select all delegates that did not respond, I can change the status to “not invited” and send them again.
But I want to do that automatically by a filter or a resend functionallity

The Manual of SuiteCRM says: that there is a “resend invites” posibility. In an other place called : forward Invitations
With that you can send the Delegates that are invited, must have not yet react.
I don’t know if you are with SalesAgility, but with this functionality, there is no need for a workaround ! Thats exactly what I want !

I am with SalesAgility but I don’t know everything about SuiteCRM, it is too vast to know all :slight_smile:

I can see that mention of “Resend invites” in the Documentation, but not on my SuiteCRM. I only see “Send Invites”, even when one of my Delegates already shows a status of “Invited”. Where fo you find the “Resend” option? Can you please post a screenshot?

The resend option is only in the manual. I have never seen it in the software (all 7.10 versions)
meybe it was a plan but never implemented?
Please check with your collegues how to resolve this. I see a manual as an promise :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

The big thing with Events is that you can send a reminder. Sending email to a target list is not special.
But then you have a lot of administration around to see who has responded

Don’t take the manual as a promise… :slight_smile: it isn’t.

I don’t know how that got into the manual. I don’t think the feature ever existed. Maybe someone in SalesAgility implemented it for some client, but it never got into the main product. I’ll try asking, but don’t get your hopes up…