Events accept status and send emailtemplate

I have the following problem.
I would like to send meeting invitations not by gmail but by suitecrm.

The thing is the following. I am doubting which module to use. Events or meetings.

Problem with events:

  1. The events cannot be seen in the calender.
  2. I can select email-templates (which doesnt work when I send the mail-template) but I need to customize every template which is not possible for so far I can see.

Problem with meetings:

  1. I would like to use an email-template (which I can customize every time a little bit to make it personal) but I dont know if this is possible.
  2. When I send an meeting the person receives an mail and can click on accept or decline this meeting. But by testing I dont find this status back when clicking on this meeting. The accept status stays blanc.

Untill now I think I will have to use the meeting module so how do I solve the accept status? And how can I make something so I dont have to write a whole description all the time about the content of the meeting.
It’s in my case every time the same text except some little changes like name and a little bit of personalisation.

Who is so kind to help me with this issue?

picture 1 is with meetings
picture 2 belongs to events

Kind regards,


For meetings :

  • accept/decline status not showing : it’s a bug, you can find a work around in this forum.
  • the template is hard coded.

For Events :

  • i think it’s hard to make events view in calendar.



Thanx for your quick reply. Can you maybe tell me where I can find that work around for meetings?
That would be great!