Event Email Template - Timezones

As a newbie in Suite I am struggling with setting up an email template correctly.
The context is webinar registrations via our website.

I am looking for how to add a timezone to an event, since we get global registrations. I am assuming that the time entered upon creating the event is server time?

So if my server is in Frankfurt and my delegate is in Mumbay and I now send an automated confirmation using an email template with the $fp_events_date_start they will see the start date as per server time (yes?) which is not only useless but confusing. I just cannot identify the place where I can tag an event with the timezone it’s created in.

Alternatively I might attach an .ics file but that needs to pull it’s time variable from the event in question automatically, otherwise the whole process can’t be automated. Any thoughts much appreciated, I can’t possibly be the first person to have that specific issue?

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I’m afraid this isn’t going to be easy to solve…

Time/date variables in SuiteCRM are standardized to UTC when they go in the database. This brings some uniformity to data storage. Then these values can be displayed to users across the globe by getting calculated, taking into account the timezone set in the user’s profile.

But what you seem to need is the Delegate’s timezone setting, which you don’t even have stored in SuiteCRM…

My add on PowerReplacer has advanced time/date calculus features and would allow you to use a template that molds to the recipient’s timezone - but you would still need to store that in a custom field so that the system knows what to calculate.

I was hoping the the email module would send out some kind of identifier along with this variable $fp_events_date_start, where it makes itself known as ‘being’ UTC, so that the email client on the receiving end could do its magic and convert to local time? That’s probably assuming a bit much. I get your drift about having to store the user’s time zone in order to use it. But with leads that is unrealistic, since half of them will not bother ot fill in their time zone on a web form and then the exercise becomes futile…

Maybe the Lead form can get that timezone value from the browser’s settings? I’m not sure it’s possible but maybe something could be achieved with Javascript.

You can add the static “UTC” notice by editing the template of the event email.

Yes I had alread thought about that. I’ll have to ponder this a bit more. Breave new world of globalization with its whole new can of worms. Anyhow, thank you for your time :wink:

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