Evaluating SuiteCRM - Feature questions

Hello, I am evaluating SuiteCRM as a possible crm solution for my company and I have been running different tests with the community edition, however I need to confirm some questions about some of our needed features.
Note, I am not a technical users (developer) but a sales team member, so in case that the answer to any of my questions requires a high level of technical knowledge I would appreciate if you could point me to the proper documentation to pass to my team.

Question 1: One of the features that we would like to have is the possibility to automatically send and email when a client/customer fills a form with the information recorded. Is it possible (I am guessing this must be possible via API)

  • In case it is possible, there would be a way to automatically create a record for lead, contact, organization?
  • Again, in case it is possible, is there a way to automatically create a opportunity or task?
    o Would be possible to based on the form filled to automatically assign that lead/opportunity to a specific user?
     And notify that user via email?

Question 2: I have been checking the workflow capabilities, however I have not clear if it possible to create group of tasks (or a task with subtasks) and assign those different subtasks to different users.

Question 3: As far I have seen, the system doesn’t notify to the person who created and assigned a task when that has been completed by the assigned user. This is correct or it is something I can configure? In that case, where?

Question 4: In term of external integrations, we would be interested in several integrations:

  • We use Quickbooks online, is there any plugin or way to integrate and add account information (invoices, etc). I have seen that there third party plugins (commercial), but I wanted to know if that integration would be possible via API or developed by us.
  • Is there in the roadmap to include a integration with Hellosign? (Is a document signing application).
  • Is there any plugin to integrate phabricator (project manager) or can it be done via API?
  • Finally, I have seen that there is a plugin to integrate Zendesk with Sugar, but not sure if it would work with Suite, we use Zendesk in our support system. Is it possible?

I think that’s all for now, thanks in advance for your help and of course, if there is any documentation that can apply to any of my questions, please do not hesitate to point me to it!


Hi!, No one can help?

I have emailed you …

I also need pretty same things and:
to be able to create:
notify User / Account / Contact remotely within Rest/Soap API (some 2-way communication to send/receive messages and their structure)

and if I’m creating the Contact / Account in the suitecrm - I want be able to notify another system I want to integrate to do something and to send the created Contact/Account data…

All this, I assume, exists in SuiteCrm as API calls - I cannot find…
Please advice,