ETA on a 7.9.1 fix?

Just wondering if the great folks at SuiteCRM have a possible ETA on a bug fix for 7.9, addressing the email issues?

I’m trying to decide if I should do an install of 7.8 and try to export/import the records from 7.9 into the old version - which will lose a lot of content (emails attached to leads etc)

If it will be a few months then I would do the above, but if it would be just a few days then I can wait.

I’m kinda dead in the water at this point, so trying to figure out my next steps


Considering the fixes that has been done in Github I think a bug fix version will be released in days, not months.
But I’m just an user!

I (who am also “just a user”) agree with horus68. However there are still many open issues regarding 7.9 and the new Emails module, so the thing isn’t stable yet.

If you’re really stuck you can apply some of those fixes manually - whichever is really breaking your system. Look for recently merged PR’s and check the “Files changed” tab.

@pgr , mind sharing more details on your suggestion please -

“If you’re really stuck you can apply some of those fixes manually - whichever is really breaking your system. Look for recently merged PR’s and check the “Files changed” tab.”

Probably will need to do that as I am moving anywhere.

I do wish they’d just pull out the new email system and replace it with the one from 7.8

Then they could work on it to iron out all the bugs then re-implement it in 8.0

Would make everything much, much easier

Hi Everyone,

There will be a 7.9.1 release w/c 12th June. This will include the higher priorities and un-developed features from 7.9.0. Following 7.9.1 the aim is to have another dedicated run at resolving the next higher priorities of bugs in 7.9.2 which is scheduled the following week (and if really pushed, the week after but no more than 2 weeks of 7.9.1 release).

The above is the biggest reason why we are moving into the 6 month release cycle (starting now for 7.10). Three months is not long enough for our team to produce a higher quality of release or testing with dedicate test groups and unique use case scenarios. We truly feel that this area of release process has was really has failed us in the past and currently. However, I will argue that for this 7.9 release we can get it stable within a month of releasing rather than from the previous releases it took multiple release cycles which is not what we want to be investing our time in.

So going forward for the immediate release we will be having a 7.9.1 bug fix release w/c 12th June and 7.9.2 planned for w/c 19th (depending on the higher priorities). Further forward we will be having group sessions with members of the community to test Beta releases (rather than the current open free for all) to get a good variation of scenarios and environments.

Hope that clarifies the timeline for yourselves.


Thanks so much for the clarification. It really helps.

Is there any possibility that you could release a script, or steps that could help folks downgrade the database to 7.8 until all the bugs in 7.9 get fixed?

Just being able to re-import the 7.9 content into a blank install of 7.8 is all that’s needed.


Do we have the date of release for a patch!

Yes, yesterday! :slight_smile:

No, really, I see there was a new found security issue posted yesterday on Github and the team decided to delay the release to include the fix for that - I think that was a good move. Let’s just be patient, 7.9.1 is probably coming out today.

Thanks. Won’t mind waiting and getting a patch which makes 7.9 usable.