Escaped apostrophe - Errors caused by French translation

I have not working button functionnaly because my french translation. In english the same functionnality work.

Exemple to test:

Admin email parameters:

The button to test send email not working with french traduction.

document.getElementById(“mail_smtpuser_label”).innerHTML = ‘Exchange - Nom [color=#ff0000]d’u[/color]tilisateur’;

Try this

document.getElementById("mail_smtpuser_label").innerHTML = "Exchange - Nom d\'utilisateur";

Thanks for your reply,

I know te error I how to correct it.
I just wanted to create a post to warm the community because it’s a bug that I had and where I did not see anyone talking about it.

I hope developers can fix it quickly.

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This is one more issue cuased by escaped apostrophe in a language pack (or the single quotes inside single quotes strings)

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