Errors while creating sql database

i am rying to create an sql database for the suitecrm, when i try to run it it gives me the error:

you have an error in your syntax. check the manual that corresponds to your MariaDB server version for the right syntax

Checkt this link:



i followed this example:
C:\Users\user\Downloads\Video\Install SuiteCRM 7.7.9 on windows 10 localhost ( XAMPP 7.1.7 ) - open source PHP CRM byNP - YouTube.mp4

But the only difference is that i am installing on server 2012 r2 machine. what am i doing wrong.

Hi Tochineke,
please describe more detailed how you got this error.

Did you run some commands on the db-cli? If so, which commands?

Did the error appear during the installation wizzard? If so, can you post the current version of all components you’re using (php, mysql…)?

i navigated to localhost/
then to sql to run the following commands shown in this video:

The version is
server via tcp/ip
server type: mariadb
server: 10.4.11-mariadb -
protocol version:10
user: root@localhost
server charset:


Apache/2.4.41 (win64) openssl/1.1.1c PHP/7.2.28
database client
php version: 7.2.28

version information:5.0.1 latest stable version: 4.9.4

I don’t know why people do tutorials that recommend manually creating the database for SuiteCRM, when the SuiteCRM installer is able to do that since the beginning.

I DO NOT recommend manual creation of database. Just let the installer do it.

And I wish all those tutorials would be corrected or removed… many of them just make things more complicated than they really are…

When i try to do automatically, it brings up an error message that the database, username and password is not correct.

You can try those credentials first in the command-line, calling

mysql -u user -p password

Once you get them right, SuiteCRM will also be able to use them. They need admin access (or at least, the ability to create tables and indexes).

If that fails sometimes it’s because of the way you’re referencing your server address, or due to unusual ports.

Check install.log and php_errors.log (or whatever your PHP error log is called in your php.ini) for clues.

The problem is i am relatively new to this. how do i do it automatically? what steps do i need to navigate to what you showed me?


  1. open xampp, then click the button labeled “shell”
  2. enter mysql -u<Username> -p, so for example mysql -usuite -p (assuming your db user is called “suite”, otherwise change this command accordingly. Alternatively, for a test system, you could reuse the “root” account). Hit enter.
  3. Enter the password and hit enter
  4. If you get an error message, post it here. If you see something like MariaDB > _, the credentials are fine. Run the installer again and use localhost/username/password to set up SuiteCRM.
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This is what i got:

Administrator@WIN-04C4FRBGF5D c:\xampp

mysql -root -p

Enter password: ****
ERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user ‘Administrator’@‘localhost’ (using pa
ssword: YES)

Administrator@WIN-04C4FRBGF5D c:\xampp

myql -test -p

‘myql’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

Administrator@WIN-04C4FRBGF5D c:\xampp

mysql -test -p

Enter password: ****
ERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user ‘Administrator’@‘localhost’ (using pa
ssword: YES)

Administrator@WIN-04C4FRBGF5D c:\xampp

It might not be relevant bur are you installing under XAMPP or under IIS Server? I have install it under both circumstances and so far windows server has been the most painful?

Check here:



Your password is not working. You need access to your DB in order to install SuiteCRM…

You need to figure out which password was used when the database software was installed. If you don’t have it, then you would need to reinstall it (assuming you don’t have any other databases in that server that need to stay operational).

you misspelled the command. It is

mysql -uUsername -p

instead of

mysql -Username -p

That’s why the console is returning

Access denied for user ‘Administrator’@‘localhost’ (using pa ssword: YES)
instead of “test”@“localhost” (or “root”@“localhost”). Therefore, you might have the correct password, but didn’t use the respective user.

Hello dilligent,

What you showed me, i am still having the same error. i have not created any user or password, so i think that it is why is it giving me the error.

while installing i was never asked for any password.

Just try

mysql -uroot

maybe your root account can be used from localhost without a password. In case this works, just leave the password field blank while installing Suite.
But: for a productive system you should set up a DB user for each application such as Suite.