Errors after system configuration

I installed SuiteCRM, and after installing and configuring it, I get these errors. We used a local Xampp server and Openserver. The result is the same.
The connection to the database is performed normally.

I apply server settings:
Apache php 7 -x64
php 7.1 x64
mysql 5.6


I believe that, for the most part, the Warning messages can be suppressed and the CRM will function normally

You could try temporarily disabling “display_errors” in your php.ini file
(or updating the “error_reporting” value to suppress notices/warnings)

If you do so, are you able to access the CRM?

If not, I would recommend checking the suitecrm.log and php error log for any Fatal errors that occur Does anything appear in these files?

Hey, John.
Thank you for advice. Now I will try to test it and find out the result.