Error: You have been logged out because your session has expired

After moving to a new server (and everything working fine for the first week or so) users are am now getting kicked out and receiving the above error after being allowed to view a small number of pages first. I looked into the better known solutions (things like increasing gc_max_lifetime settings), but can’t find any that seem to fix this. I don’t think it can be a write permission issue as they are being allowed to login and view a number of pages first (or am I making a wrong assumption here?), and it doesn’t seem to happen on any specific page.

I have checked the error log and whilst it was sizeable it appeared to be a load of dashlet errors which I think is an unrelated problem that already existed.

I just wondered if anybody has any other ideas I could try? Running Sugar 7.8.3 on shared hosting.

Just a quick thought… Empty the SuiteCRM cache folder and your browser’s cache too.

Hi, good idea but tried clearing the suitecrm cache file already and had no effect. Just tried browser cache and didn’t help either.

It’s almost like I can do as much as I want in approx 15 seconds and then it just refreshes back to the login page and gives the error. If I click 5 links within 15 seconds it goes on the 5th, if I click just 2 it goes on the second, but it’s always after 15 seconds of being logged in when it does it.

I have checked the various timeouts in the php.ini though and they are set to 14400 so way more than 15 seconds.

Do you share crm accounts between users?
Did you try to create a new user and/or changing the password on an existing user?
Is the Administration->System Setting->Validate user IP address setting checked or unchecked?

Hi, each user has their own account (less than 5 users in total). Tried changing a users password, but no difference. Validate user IP was checked so I unchecked it (had to login about 3 times to even get that far), but again no difference.

Looks like clearing out the cache folder earlier had a knock on effect that we are having some issues now with the theming all being messed up. I am starting to consider a clean install and then restore the db to the new install. Presumably that should work ok, as long as I stick to the same version of SuiteCRM?


Messed Up theme must be a permissions issue. Check this post. It will help you to set the right permissions to the files in your shared hosting,

thanks a lot, will go try that.

Here’s a solution from an earlier thread with a similar issue, see if helps you:

another good one for me to check, thanks a lot.

reset the file / folder permissions and that fixed the template / layout problems so prob safe to say that was a separate problem. Still having the sessions issue and being kicked out every 15 seconds though, so going to go ask them about Varnish now. Will report back on how I get on as it might be useful for others later on.

We just installed 7.9.1 and just started noticing a number of problems jumping out, such as this one.

I will log in, and then about 15-30 seconds later, will get logged out.

Our hosting provider fixed it for us in the end (thanks Vidahost). It appears to have been something in the php.ini file as they removed it completely and replaced it with a bare bones php.ini file which then worked (no issues in the last week now, so it does seem to have fixed it).

Unfortunately I don’t really know which setting was causing the problem in the php.ini, due to the way they fixed it. I did previously change the settings in the php.ini inline with the SuiteCRM recommendations, so a bit strange.

Sorry I can’t be more help, but hopefully it gives you another idea to try.

Hey Andyg, is there any way you can get your provider to give you a copy of the php.ini? I have access to my server, and would love to compare it with mine.

I know this is a 5 year-old thread, but I ran into the same issue last night on a fresh Debian VPS install. Just thought I would share what worked for me.

I created a db and db user for SuiteCRM before running the web installer.

When I ran the install.php, I chose to go with an existing user (the one I had set up for this purpose). I did not want to use that db user as my Admin name so I picked a different Admin name and password. It seemed to install fine. I was able to log in once, but no more. I flushed the cache and tried from different machines, including my cell phone, but no luck.

I wiped out the install + db and started over. This time I chose the database user to be the same as the Admin, and used my pre-set-up db user as the admin. Problem solved.

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This is a bit worrying, though. The database and admin usernames and passwords should have no effect on the logout issue. Something must have gone fairly wrong in the code somewhere for that to be the case… I got this issue myself. It is also an issue that seems to have popped up several times before.