Error when on workflow when executing a task


Im using version 7.11 and get the following error when I click save after updating a status of a task. I have a workflow that looks at this change soecifically and i reckon the error occurs when the workflow kicks in.

Invalid arguments passed in /usr/www/users/trinijngub/ on line 482 Warning: mysqli_real_escape_string() expects parameter 2 to be string, object given in /usr/www/users/trinijngub/ on line 290 Recoverable fatal error: Object of class Link2 could not be converted to string in /usr/www/users/trinijngub/ on line 4561

Would Appreciate any help.


Are you running any HOOK in back-end which is sending any Email?
There looks some error in that code.
Can you please share the code here.


I am not running anything in the background, just that my workflow is designed to send an email, I have a couple of workflows that send email successfully. only this one does not work.

Can you please show the workflow?

I have upgraded to version 7.11.1 and I dont have that problem anymore.