Error when creating record from the create button in a subpanel

On a suitecrm Version 8.5.1 instance

I have two custom modules with a one-to-many relationship and when I try to create an instance of one of the modules using the create button in the subpanel I get this message

Error occurred while saving record

In the browser console I have this message

Object { stack: "2306/l/o<@
<@ /dist
node_modules_rxjs_dist_esm_operators_index_js.a98e8621cd8e780a.j s:1:4687\n2013/next
<@https://manager.crm .com/dist
49471\next@ /dist
node_modules_rxjs_dist_esm_operators_index_js.a98e8621cd8e780a.js:1:4710\next@https:/ 7\n4866/initSubpanels/<@https://manager.crm .com/dist/dist_core_fesm2022_core_mjs-_06691.b5115738aefb97e6.js:59:231961\next@ :1…", name: "ObjectUnsubscribedError", message: " object unsubscribed" }

In the logs I cannot identify the error. Could you give me a hint on how to debug or resolve this error?

Update 1

I have set the debug level to Error. When trying to create a record from the subpanel I get the error and in the logs I read this

Mon Apr 8 21:27:01 2024 [2212429][c63f4713-1c6d-01fa-9b90-5aebd487cf5d][ERROR]
ApiBeanMapper field validation | Key 'id' | Error 'Invalid id field
'module_a_module_b_1module_a_ida'. Value not a string nor a number'

Thanks in advance

I get same error, custom module, version 8.6.0. When i go direct to the module there is no problem creating instance.