Error uploading pdf files to Documents


Administer suitecrm for two weeks. Previously client had sugar crm 6.5 CE, but migration did not succed, because sugar had broken dependencies beetwen modules (I do notknow why) - so suitecrm was newly installed and contacts and so on imported in it. Server: Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS, PHP 5.4-5.5. In the setting just set right to export to administrator - nothing else changed.

Problem: when uploading PDF files to Documents crm hangs for 10-15 minutes, then in log read ‘mysql error 2006’ - no PDF files in Documents. I could upload MP3, images, ZIP, DOC in size of 20Mb or 30 Mb, but couldn’t upload PDF less then 1Mb. In the same time I could upload PDF of any size in sugarcrm (it is still on the server, just on other domain).

What is your advise. colleagues? Thanks!

I’ve made test - install suitecrm on another server - all the same: Documents receives different file types in various sizes, exept PDF. On that server I did not get so long hanging of crm when it tries to upload pdf-file, but result was the same - I’ve tried to upload about 10 pdf-files, only one succeeded.

What is the problem between siutcrm and PDF?

Continue testing. Set php flag show_errors and:

Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 120 seconds exceeded in /…/public_html/modules/AOD_Index/PdfParser.php on line 280

Navigate to the php.ini file and increase the default value of max_execution_time to 6000 seconds.

Best Regards

This php-parameter was 900 = 15 minutes, so when crm hangs on “bad” pdf I should wait 15 minutes, if I change to 6000 second I will wait 100 minutes. Sorry, but I can’t wait so long. The problem is in PdfParser.php - it searches for something in PDF files, but doesn’t like all of them, just few. But what is the problem with that parser?