Error Updating suiteCRM v. 8.5.1 - Validation and Module Loader

Hello, my issue is as follows: I updated from suiteCRM version 8.2.3 to 8.5.1, after the update, I wanted to test if everything was working correctly. To do this, I started by testing the creation of a lead. In this particular case, I have a custom field called “IVA Condition,” which is a dropdown and mandatory field. This field is created for VAT customers, which is of type Related and mandatory, and the related module is “IvaC_ClienteIVA.”

As shown in “Studio” for both fields:

Within the “clienteiva_c” field in “Studio”:

Taking into account the above, when entering the lead module and wanting to select a VAT condition, a dropdown list is displayed to select an option, attached image:

And this is how the module loader looks:

This is replicated in the “Activity Type” field:

All of the above works correctly in the version 8.2.1 we have; when loading the data and saving the new lead, it generates correctly.

The problem arose when updating to the new version, 8.5.1, none of the related type fields work. When trying to perform the same process to create a lead and wanting to select the “IVA condition” or “activity type,” although it retrieves the data from the list, when trying to save the new lead, it returns the message: “Error Validation , action cannot be performed,” along with a console message in the inspector that says:

ERROR TypeError: Cannot convert undefined or null to object at Function.keys () at i.initValidators (dist_core_fesm2022_core_mjs-_06691.c6086bcd8c2d6fb0.js:59:295406) at i.initStaging (dist_core_fesm2022_core_mjs-_06691.c6086bcd8c2d6fb0.js:59:295978) at (dist_core_fesm2022_core_mjs-_06691.c6086bcd8c2d6fb0.js:59:295340) at _.subscribe.c (node_modules_rxjs_dist_esm_index_js.541de8a787ee3f5d.js:1:50096) at i._next (node_modules_rxjs_dist_esm_index_js.541de8a787ee3f5d.js:1:27957) at (node_modules_rxjs_dist_esm_index_js.541de8a787ee3f5d.js:1:19684) at node_modules_rxjs_dist_esm_index_js.541de8a787ee3f5d.js:1:49119 at i._next (node_modules_rxjs_dist_esm_index_js.541de8a787ee3f5d.js:1:27957) at (node_modules_rxjs_dist_esm_index_js.541de8a787ee3f5d.js:1:19684)

We don’t know what might be causing this error; we don’t know if we need to reload the IVA condition, activity type modules, etc.

I have already tried “Quick Repair and Rebuild” and “Rebuild Relationships.”

When I updated suiteCRM, the finalization command that was implemented used the merge option for a customization merge.

Command implemented from the official suiteCRM guide: ./bin/console suitecrm:app:upgrade-finalize -m merge

Additional note: Post-update, I had an issue with the Spanish language pack not being detected from the previous version; I solved this by reinstalling the language pack in the module loader.

This looks like it could be a bug, maybe it’s better to open a new issue for it on Github…

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Hi, My team leader found where the error occurs in the system log. It turns out that the error happens when the Email field is set as a required field. Removing the requirement allows the creation of a new lead without any problem. In the end, it was not an error with the custom modules. However, the mentioned field cannot be set as required.