Error Sending Email Message When Using Compose Email Forum

Every time I attempt to send a test email from my company’s SuiteCRM email composer with a preset email template, it replies with the message, “Error Sending Email. Please contact your administrator for assistance.” I am the administrator and have already successfully sent out a test email. The addresses are accurate and should work based on the previous testing in another section. Please Help!


Have you configured personal Email account from your profile to send emails from Compose Email area? for this you need to enable “Users may send as themselves” checkbox from “Admin>> EMAIL SETTINGS” area.

Another option can be to enable “Users may send as this account’s” checkbox option from “Admin>> EMAIL SETTINGS” area if you want to allow all the users to send emails from this main Email Account.


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I ended up using the aforementioned method of checking “Users may send as themselves,” along with using quick repair under admin controls to work out some other technical bugs I had while building my system.

Thank you very much for your assistance!

You are welcome. Thanks a lot.