Error: Query limit of 1000 reached for AOS_Contracts module.

Hi all,

The suiteCRm version is 7.1.1
The browser is Firefox 24.0
There is an error when I click Create button in AOS_Contracts module using a regular user, but no error using admin user.
I disable the AOS_Contracts module in the Ajax. then repair, but no use.
so I capture the log file for help.

Thanks a lot,

This error exists in IE 10 also.

can anyone help me to fix it? thanks.

look to config.php, there is an entry like that:

‘resource_management’ =>
array (
‘special_query_limit’ => 50000,
‘special_query_modules’ =>
array (
0 => ‘Reports’,
1 => ‘Export’,
2 => ‘Import’,
3 => ‘Administration’,
4 => ‘Sync’,
‘default_limit’ => 1000,

Just add your module in the list of special_query_modules.

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