error on subpanel of a relationship

Good morning,
I’ve created a one-to-many relationship between the Quotes and the Note module. I used as primary module ‘Quotes’.
Once the report has been created, the quotation ‘subpanel’ does not present the notes created in the ‘subpanel’ on the selected quotation (subpanel.png).
However, the note is correctly created and displayed in the note form(note.png).
In the ‘list view’ of the form is not displayed the quote reference (quotes_note.png), is empty.
Have I missed any steps in building relationships between the two modules? :dry:

I am not sure I understand on which views you are in each of those screenshots… I am a bit confused.

And exactly how do you create the note? Do you do anything to relate the note to the Opportunity?

I’ll try to explain myself better.

  1. I have created a relationship one to many with Notes in ‘studio’ by modifying the module Quotes.
  2. I open the detail of a quote (detail view)
  3. In the notes subpanel I create a new note
  4. The note is created but is not displayed in the subpanel

I just tried it and it worked for me (7.11.4).

In step 3, I didn’t select any “related to” item. And the note showed well on the subpanel after saving.

Then I tried the same thing but I selected a related account, and now it didn’t show in the subpanel. I guess SuiteCRM assumes if you are relating to something else, that you’ve lost interest in relating it to the opportunity… so that relationship doesn’t get created, and so it doesn’t show on the subpanel.

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Thanks pgr, I followed step 3 as you suggested and it works B-)