Error on Install Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ':',

Im having a problem installing Version 7.12 I have changed permissions on everything needed, but when i go to install the program im getting this error:

Parse error : syntax error, unexpected ‘:’, expecting ‘{’ in /home/xxxxxxxx/public_html/xxxxxxx/include/utils.php on line 288

I have no idea why this has come up, can anyone help urgently so i can get this installed.

Can you replace the file with one from Repo?

I have replaced the code with the one you suggested, yet the error still shows.

Its saying on the error expecting ‘{’ So is this missing somewhere on that line 288

I think your problem is that you have an old version of PHP.

Check the matrix:

I have version 7.12 prior to version 8 which has the same error but points to the index page instead, i know cos i have tried version 8 as well

I am asking about PHP version, not SuiteCRM version.

I have PHP 7.4 running sorry my mistake

I have again confirmed its PHP version 7.4 If i cant get this error fixed then i will have to cancel the project. Is this a bug in the program thats causing this because I have no idea what i am supposed to do now.

There are two different php setups involved. How exactly did you check the version?

You can use
php -v
To check the CLI (command line)

And a small php file running phpinfo to check the web server php. Search online for details.

Do you have any custom code or its a fresh ootb install? What other errors do you see in php error_log?