Error on email template step in campaign with regular user


we encounter a problem when tring to complete the email template step in campaign with a regular user with all the rights, but just not admin, we get the error (see the attached image) and we can’t go further, we’re stuck here. With an admin profile it works !

Help please, thanks :unsure:


Is this version 7.9.1?

Can you reproduce this issue in the online demo?

I only get this issue on one instance, not my personal instance. I just discovered that it well saves my ttemplate choice, if I go back to my list view and then edit the campaign I start back from the Message step which comes after the email template. The information is saved but at the moment I can’t access the next step.

I can’t modify sugar_grp1_jquery.js since it’s a cache file, how could I manage this ?

I don’t really know much about these parts of the code, but I think that if you can debug it in the browser and see exactly where it’s breaking, then it’s possible to search the code for the original Javascript that eventually gets built and sent to the to the browser, and cached…

I’ll have to take this up tomorrow, maybe I’ll need to get someone else to help out here.

I’ll try commenting the lines calling this file and see what happens, i’ll let you know…

You forgot to say which version this is. If it’s 7.9 just install 7.9.1 and try again.

We use 7.8.3 version

I finally did it the hard way, by reinstalling the CRM and now it works, I still don’t know what was going on…