Error occurred while retrieving records on SCRM 8.6

I’ve finally started my official move from SugarCRM 6.2.1. My setup is

Ubuntu 22.04
SuiteCRM 8.6.1

and I getting some issues I’d like resolve.

For this topic, I randomly get the error message. I’ve poked around a bit and found some other people and their fixes. Of them

  • mod rewrite is enabled
  • access to Alerts is enabled

We do not use SuiteCRM to its fullest potential (see our use case in other posts by me). It seems like a real error but one that does not matter to us. We use Accounts, Cases, Contacts, Documents, Notes. We can drop KnowledgeBase and Reports.

If I create a Role for just our used areas would this remove this error? Initially I did check in suitecrm.log but did not see anything obvious (or did not recognize the msg + link the error together)


Check compatibility matrix.