Error occurred while retrieving records > in documents

I just created a few documents and now I’m getting the error below when I want to view the documents.

Error occurred while retrieving records

In the browser console I saw a few complaints about mixed content, but most of the time I don’t see any error in the console. Any ideas? Or how I can fix this I’m OK if I lose the documents I can upload again.

I used a backup to recover. I don’t get the “mixed content” message when I add or remove documents anymore. Still want to know what happened.

Did your backup revert to an earlier version?

I would check the logs for FATALs to see if there are any more clues there.

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It was urgent so I reverted to last nights backup of the server. I will update this if it happens again.

The error retrieving records continues in the v8.3 demo online. Login, leave it and eventually it will fail as shown in the screen capture. This was a bug on github and users indicated leaving the app untouched for 30 minutes could reproduce the error. It should be reproducible and I have the same issue on the test server using v8.3

Update: V8.4.0-beta is not fixed for this error.

Is there a Github issue opened for this already? Does it contain relevant messages from the logs?

The suitecrm official demo can reproduce the error. Nobody else seems to have the problem. Must be the demo server and my server.

I can provide some background info into why you are seeing this behaviour on the demo, in the hope it helps you find the issue you are experiencing.

The demo will destroy and rebuild itself on a scheduler every 1 hour or so.

If you are logged in but not interacting with the CRM when this rebuild happens, your session will be lost from the server. As you still have the page open you can still see the old session data, but trying to access a record or reload the page will return you to the login page. The background processes will also fail, displaying the “error occurred retrieving records”

Perhaps you are experiencing something similar on your instance, not by rebuilding, but your sessions ending or being cleared unexpectedly?

Your explanation might help find the answer. The problem might be triggered by the scheduler because it seems like an hour in some cases but other times the problem does not occur.

Perhaps if I can change the scheduler times or monitor where they trigger it will help.

Coincidentally, I was active in the V8.4.0-beta and in the middle of an edit I was logged out for session expiry. It seems I’ve got some credentials not updating or accessible or something going on. No other program I use with cookies or sessions has these issues. SuiteCRM is unique and might benefit from a mod that tracks cookie and session data into the log.

Thanks for the explanation.