“error occurred while retrieving records” every few seconds

I have 8.3 working perfectly, there are no fatal or major errors in the logs. Yet, all user accounts get a “error occurred while retrieving records” on the screen. The first message comes as soon as user logs in. If the popup is closed, it reappears in about 10 seconds.

There is mention of a CSFR token error but the fix that was suggested for 8.2 is already applied in 8.3, yet the error keeps appearing. The error comes back even if there is no click or refresh on the screen.

For users updating data from their mobile phones, it is a real pain and needs to be resolved urgently - any suggestions?

I assume, that you’ve already fixed it after all that time?

Just in case, someone finds this here - have you enabled access to the ‘alert’ module for the use roles?
Since the alert module in the navigation, the users need to have at least read access to the alerts.