"Error occurred while retrieving records" after loading any page in 8.4.0

I have updated to 8.4. As soon as I login with any user that is not the Admin I start getting the message “Error occurred while retrieving records” no matter the page I load, after a few seconds.
I have compared the logs of a clean install, where the error is not present, and my instance and I can find no substantial difference. I cannot find any error related to record retrieval or database query. No fatals either, just a bunch of warnings and a few errors, but nothing that is not present in the clean install logs.

The error message is so generic. Anyone has an idea on how to debug this?

Thanks for any tips.

I saw the same issue just a while ago.
After re-login it seems to be working again - without any changes / debugging etc.

Thank for the input, but nothing to do with re-login.
The problem was caused by wrong permissions in the Alerts module.
Apparently there is a call via graphql to retrieve the alerts after the page is loaded and every once in a while, and the query will fail if the user does not have the correct permissions.
Maybe this helps someone else.