Error Module Leads - Field: activity type

I updated my SuiteCRM from 8.2.3 to 8.5.1. Within the “Leads” module, in the form to create a new lead, I have a custom field called “Activity Type.” When I try to select an activity type, the list appears and I select one. I notice that when I click on this field, the console shows the following error:


And when I try to load the new lead, I get a validation error and it doesn’t create the lead.

Looks like code is unable to find your custom field so check your custom folder.

Thank you for responding, RSP. Now, my question is, where should I look in the custom folder? Because it was working correctly before the update.

I think /public/legacy/custom/

Hi, My team leader found where the error occurs in the system log. It turns out that the error happens when the Email field is set as a required field. Removing the requirement allows the creation of a new lead without any problem. In the end, it was not an error with the custom modules. However, the mentioned field cannot be set as required.