Error: Missing Required Field Start Date - Email Marketing Campaign

After migrating my working (except API access) SuiteCRM version 7.10.14 from Windows to Linux so the API access would work and then upgrading to the current 7.11.10 build I am having a new problem after the upgrade when I go test the email marketing campaign it keeps throwing the error: Missing Required Field - Start Date even though I am selecting one.

Any Ideas?

In my suitecrm log I am getting:
Fri Feb 7 15:42:11 2020 [1017][43ebdde1-83e7-3c4e-06b4-5c92b5f3fc06][ERROR] convert: Conversion of 2019-03-20 21:48:56.000000 from Y-m-d H:i:s to m/d/Y H:i failed

What is your PHP version?

Does that error occur during an API call, or while you’re using the UI? If it is the latter, then exactly when? (“steps to reproduce”, please)

PHP Version 7.2.

It happens in the Wizard UI. Here is what I do, I choose Create Campaign, choose Email, input “Testing #1” for the name leaving the rest at the default then I click Next. I choose my testing Target List and click next. I choose my test Email Template and choose Next. I set the Marketing Email name to “Testing #1” and then choose my Schedule Date and Time and then click Next and then I get the message.

Another thing, if I look at any of my existing campaigns using the wizard they all do the same thing when I get to this point even though they already have the date and time in the database.

I have attached a screen shot.

If you go to Admin / Diagnostics / phpinfo what date.timezone does it show there?

It is set to America/Denver.

I am assuming that is the correct timezone.

Do you see any Javascript errors in your browser’s Developer console?

Yes it is the correct timezone. As suggested I just checked chrome’s dev console and there are no errors just a couple of warnings about non unique id’s.

Sorry, I’m running out of ideas. I’m afraid can’t reproduce your bug here, this really limits my ability to help…

That is not a problem. I suspect it has to do with the data migration from Microsoft SQL to MYSQL however I did get the new migrated database synced with var defs and it SHOULD be ok. I am digging into the code right now to see when it is happening… I wish the error logger would actually log something meaningful like a program and line number… I am having to walk the whole process backwards and log stuff myself until I find the issue but the code base is huge and scattered so it is going to take some time…

Just a quick tip to help you debugging:

If you set the


config variable in config.php or config_override.php, your log messages will include a debug backtrace. This will really spam your logs heavily, but while debugging it will provide insights about where the code was being called from when the message was logged.

I am not having the same issue, however there is a campaign start date and end field in SuiteCRM

From my understanding it is not the same as schedule date

You can see start date in list view and detail view


Howver, the field is not shown inside the campaign wizard so when creating a campaign all have a blank start and end date

This is where my issue comes in we are trying to report on planned, active and completed campaigns and group by month start / end - but the only way to add dates is via inline editing. Where would be the best place to request the wizard includes these fields at step 1