Error message: Methods with the same name as their class ...

Environment: php 7.1
SuiteCRM: Version 7.10.1, Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344)
Trigger of error message: Click on Admin | Studio
Error message: Unknown Error (8192): Methods with the same name as their class will not be constructors in a future version of PHP; AM_ProjectHolidays has a deprecated constructor occurred in /home/somewhere/modules/AM_ProjectHolidays/AM_ProjectHolidays.php on line 41 [2018-03-22 10:53:45] display_stack_trace caller, file: /home/clients/7130602ca78a07d4559e5db136c1eeec/web/crm/include/utils.php line#: 3533
Impact: Unable to navigate below the error message, preventing all access to Studio functionality
Notes: This error does not occur with php 5.6. It does also occur with php 7.0. Similar errors appear elsewhere in the application

(I bet you’re using Windows)

You simply need to turn off display_errors in your php.ini

So what you’re saying is that this is not an error at, but rather some obsolescent php coding that will be, but is not yet, illegal? Is that correct?
BTW, you lose the bet.

I’m saying that PHP apps throw a lot of messages, not just SuiteCRM. And sometimes these messages, when output directly to the screen, break the screen, in ways that are very misleading for troubleshooting.

Windows/Mac versions of PHP are particularly picky about this, but they are not the only case.

Errors should be addressed, but in the logs, not on the screen.

OK. I’ll try turning off displaying of errors and will get back here with the results.