Error message in Home panel

We started getting the following error message a few weeks ago on our home page:

I upgraded to the latest version using the upgrade method as opposed to doing a complete new installation. The version we’re on now is: Version 7.7.8, Sugar Version 6.5.24 (Build 509) but it didn’t correct the error.

We are running the crm on a shared hosting account and apart from that error everything seems to working well. Would appreciate any pointers as to why this may be happening.

now it has become a fatal error with PHP 8.1 and SuiteCRM 7.13.1
any idea ?

Firstly php 8.1 is not supported by SuiteCRM yet only php 8.0 is supported

Even in php 8 this is a fatal error. So you will be better off switching to php 7.4

You are right. I switched back to 7.4