Error.log location


Where is the field “error.log”?
/var/log/httpd is empty

Thank you.

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Hi @Mia22
the correct path of error.log file is


In addition,

We have developed a free SuiteCRM plugin that will send you errors of SuiteCRM and Server on the email address.

You can choose which error you want on the email report e.g. FATAL errors

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Thank you for your answer and the module. I’m going to install it.

But I don’t have the folder /Apache2
I have only /httpd but he is empty

A setting must be made?

In your php.ini is where you define the location of the PHP error log.

See this

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I did it and I restarted the Apache services but it does not change anything.

Should I do something else?
Thank you.

Inside SuiteCRM, in Admin / Diagnostics, get the phpinfo from there to make sure you edited the correct php.ini file, often people edit the wrong file by mistake.

Then you need to make sure that some error was actually generated, otherwise the log won’t get created at the new location.

If you place this line of code at the beginning of index.php


Then it will generate a warning “division by zero” in the web server log. That is a way to make sure you’re looking in the right place.

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Thank you indeed I got the wrong php.ini

And I put the line in the index to create an error I restarted the Apache services but no file was created.

Did I forget to do something?
Thank you

@Mia22 did you need any other help?

It’s good the file appeared but it was displayed in the root in /Suite Crm and not in the /var.

But apart from that it’s good.
Thank you