Error installing new Module on Module Loader

I’m using SuiteCRM 7.11.5, and I have an error during installation of a custom module in Module Loader
After I uploaded the .zip and clicked on COMMIT, SuiteCRM returns this error:

Display Log
Failed to copy cache/upgrades/temp/RA5PwL/modules/OpysoftSuiteCRMTestModule01/controller.php
to /modules/OpysoftSuiteCRMTestModule01/controller.php

But I checked and seems that my module was unzipped on this other folder:

I think the part of variabile taken another value between module uncompression and installation
This is happened more times
How can I solve?


Are you sure the module is compatible with your SuiteCRM version?

Yes, it should’be compatible.
But I don’t think can be a compatibility issue, the error occurs before any SuiteCRM system modify, when module files are to be copied.
Copy error is because that specified temporary source folder doesn’t exist, the module was unzipped on another.