Error in URL

Hello, I installed Bitnami SuiteCRM 7.1.4 on x64 Linux. I immediately changed the server port to 9999 because we have an existing app running on port 8080.

Now the funny thing is that all URLs that appear in user profile and in confirmation e-mail on password reset point wrongly to the old URL with port 8080 and of course, I don’t want that.

I was looking in the Administration page where to change the port number but found nothing.

How can I fix the URL? The port was changed in the Bitnami application configurator (GUI app) which I believe writes it into the Apache config file.



Hi there,

Have you tried changing the site_url value in the config.php to point to the correct port?

If changing the site_url value does not resolve your issue, you may wish to contact Bitnami support as they may be able to give you an answer on where you need to change settings for the URL to be correct.