Error in the calendar dash on home page


When the user tries to create a meeting by clicking on the dash calendar on the home page, he cannot.

An empty popup appears … and when clicking ok the system takes the screen to create the meeting.

Does anyone know what may be happening?


I’ve had a quick try on a 7.10.23 instance and I’m able to create Meetings/calls through the Dashlet Calendar.

Are you able to create meetings through the Regular calendar, or does this issue appear there too?

In regards to the blank popup, I can also see an “undefined” label on the screenshot you’ve posted above.
Usually these indicate issues with permissions, and permissions issues can show up across the CRM in many odd ways.

I’d recommend re-setting permissions first, hopefully that will resolve the popup issue too.
(or at the least, provide a message inside the blank popup)
Info on this can be found here: