Error in creating new field

Hello all,

I have set up SuiteCRM on my laptop on the localhost. I am experiencing a problem when creating new fields. In studio, after clicking on the module, it gives me the following error. Can someone help me out of what I should do?

The error message:

**Warning** : Creating default object from empty value in  **C:\xampp\htdocs\happyCRM\modules\ModuleBuilder\views\view.modulefields.php**  on line  **109**
{"center":{"title":"Edit Fields","crumb":"[![\"\"|\"16\"x\"16\"](http://localhost/%22themes//default//images//icon_back.gif?v=-NAeonEogT5R77C7F-d-Xg\%22)<\/a> ](javascript:void(0))[![\"\"|\"16\"x\"16\"](http://localhost/%22themes//SuiteP//images//icon_home.png?v=-NAeonEogT5R77C7F-d-Xg\%22)<\/a> | ](javascript:void(0))[Studio<\/a> > ](javascript:void(0);)[Leads<\/a> > Fields<\/span>
\n \n\n<\/div>\n\n
<\/div>\n* field created in Studio<\/h3>\n

Thank you in advance.

Looks like its just a warning, where did this error appear? Could you maybe toss us a few screenshots?

Hello i have the same error , but someone give this tip and works.

Please try to update your php.ini and change

display_errors=On to display_errors=Off and
error_reporting = E_ALL to error_reporting = E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE & ~E_DEPRECATED & ~E_STRICT & ~E_WARNING
After saving the file, please restart your webserver, then test again.

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