Error in Cases-DetailView if task is assignd to the case - just for certain user


if I add a task to a case I can’t open this case from this moment.
If I want to open the case I get a white window with unformatted case-informations.

This error occured for just one specific user. Other users and admin can open the cases with tasks correctly.

Error in suitecrm.log :

“…MySQL error 1054: Unknown column ‘tasks.date_end’ in ‘field list’…”

faced same problem

I removed the affected user and create a new user with the same Name.

The issue remains unchanged. For this specific user, cases with tasks can’t correctly opend!!


Ok. It seems to be a permission problem.

I added the new created users to the right groups now is seems to be working, but my removed user, which has this issue first, was member in the right groups. So I had to see if the issue is really solved.

If you guys can please report your SuiteCRM versions, that really helps. There have been issues around “due_date” errors in the database, and fixes, but it’s hard to track everything if you don’t tell us which version you’re using.

Sorry. Of course you are right.

I use suitecrm 7.11.6

Cool B-)

Please try this fix and tell me if it works for you:

As I said - with my new created user the cases with tasks were shown correctly but the due-date in the activity panel was not correctly formatted.
In users profile I’ve set 23.10.2010 but the format of the date in activity-panel was 2010-10-23.

After I changed the ForActivities.php-file like in fix described the due-date is completly missing in the activity-panel.
Otherwise the cases with task are shown in the ŕight way.

I mentioned your information in that Issue, let’s hope a proper fix comes up soon.