Error in Adding new field in Studio


I installed the SuiteCRM on my localhost using Xampp. I am able to make changes to which modules are displayed, however, when I try to add additional fields in the module, I get error:

Warning: Creating default object from empty value in D:\Xampp\apps\suitecrm\htdocs\modules\ModuleBuilder\views\view.modulefield.php on line 154
{“east”:{“title”:“Edit Field”,“crumb”:"",“content”:"

I have searched for this error, this error had occured in the past to a one of the members, the advice given was to disable to Errors & Warnings in the PHP.ini file, I am unable to find that particular file in my installation, this was a Bitnami Binary file installation.

Please check link

Also, since I am not a developer, I do not know how to proceed with that suggestion. I have googled the suggestion, however, I am getting results which advice against the suggestion. I am pretty sure, the administrator wants to disable to Errors & Warnings notification to check if the issue gets resolved, however, as stated above, I do not find any such files, which I find curios as I believe, the installation will not work otherwise?

Please advice?

Thanks for the help

Hi there,

If you create a blank .php file in your web server/Bitnami stack with the content:


This will detail information about your php set up. Search for php.ini and it should tell you the location of the file.



I found a patch that worked for me. The patch can be found here:

It seems to work for me too. thank you @jendin