Error importing from .vcf

I’m importing a .vcf file into Accounts and I’m getting blocked because the “name” field doesn’t seem to be getting picked up. Any ideas how to get past this?

And then if I choose the Name module from the dropdown, Suite ends up creating 24 Account records from a single .vcf file. What is happening?

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Does SuiteCRM have a vcr import feature?

Where did you start this import from? Which screen, which button?

It’s the Import Accounts button on the Accounts Module which takes you through a wizard for importing from .vcf or .csv.

What makes you think it imports vcf? I thought it only imported .csv…

Because I know other people that have imported vcf files.

I am like 97% sure SuiteCRM does not import .vcf cards. It exports them from the detail view, and that’s it.

Please ask those people where and how they achieved it, I’m almost positive they will describe for you some more external procedure like converting from .vcf to .csv with some tool, and then importing.

Also note that multi-card .vcf files are not quite standard. The original idea for vcf was to hold a single card - so it wouldn’t make much sense for a mass import.

I think the confusion may be that it’s possible to import .vcf files into Leads but not into Accounts. Is there a reason it’s support in Leads but not Accounts?

I had a look at the code. It seems to be there for Contacts, Leads and Targets. I guess that’s because vCards are for people, and those are the entities representing people. Accounts represent companies…

It imports a single card, not a list… would this be useful for you?

Yes a single card would be acceptable, but I can’t get it to work - that was the basis of the original posting.

Are you a developer? Have a look at this

I used to be a developer a long time ago. What are you suggesting I do - read through the code to try to figure out why the single card vcf import is not working on Accounts?

I’m a bit confused… How are you even starting the import? I don’t see a button for it in the Accounts module…

My impression is that this was never done for accounts, probably because the fields don’t match that well. but if you add the option to the screen, and then adjust the code to make it happen and solve the ambiguities, you can get something done.

But I fear it probably won’t be too easy for someone unfamiliar with PHP and with SuiteCRM’s architecture…

You just go into the Import Accounts page and walk through the wizard. Ideally it would make it really clear that .vcf is not supported, just .csv but that’s not there.


Yep, it could be made clearer. It’s only there in the little help pop-ups.

On the modules where vcf import exists, it’s a separate menu option “Import vcf Card”. You could try replicating this screen for Accounts and see how it goes.

Another way to do it (not ideal and maybe a long process too) is to import them as leads then convert them into Accounts as described here: