Error: getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND {{suitecrm.url}}

Hey everyone,

I’m new to CRMSuite and Postman, and I’m encountering some difficulties while following the steps to set up Postman.

My goal is to create an API to retrieve Leads information from the CRM. However, I find the steps provided in the following link (SuiteCRM V8 API Set Up For Postman :: SuiteCRM Documentation ) a bit confusing.

I have imported the collection file from the CRM Suite and created the Environment. However, I’m unsure about the values I need to enter for the Variables and their initial values. I attempted to follow the steps, but when I execute the API, I receive an ‘getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND’ error, indicating that I’m likely doing something wrong.

Additionally, I would appreciate some information or suggestions regarding the parameters.