Error: File [modules/Home/metadata/editviewdefs.php] is missing.

File [modules/Home/metadata/editviewdefs.php] is missing.
How to solve this error?

Provide information about your SuiteCRM version, what you do in the app to get that error, what happened before this error started appearing (upgrade?), etc.

We can’t just guess what’s wrong with your system if you don’t make an effort to give some basic information…

SuiteCRM Version 7.11.2, Sugar Version 6.5.25

I have recently installed SuiteCRM. I am new user.
I was trying to create email; so I clicked on , after that clicked on .
Then I got this error.

Have you already configured any email account?

this can be done in two places:

Admin / Outbound email (for system-wide accounts)

In each user’s profile (accessible from top-right menu)

I have configured email account in Admin / Outbound email

If that same account is used in Admin / Email settings, make sure it has the “Users may send as this account’s identity” checkbox enabled.

I have enabled “Users may send as this account’s identity”.

But same error is generating while creating email.

Please Help.

Please have a look in your logs , both at the time that you save the email account configuration, and then when you open the “compose email” dialog box.

There might be an error there giving you cues about what is wrong…

I have the same error, when I configure in user’s profile, the error disapeared.