Error fiel "amount"

In the ‘Opportunities’ module, in the ‘Opportunity Amount’ section, I have two fields:

  • Currency (data type: currency), which displays the currency type (Peso, Dollar, Euro).
  • Opportunity Amount (data type: currency), which is for entering the amount value.

In the latter case is where I have the inconvenience. As I type a value, if I want to use a delimiter like a period (.) to mark the value level, and continue typing the rest of the value, the period (.) gets deleted. For example:

  • I want to enter ten thousand: 10.000. When I type “10.”, everything is fine until I add the next zero. Then the period (.) gets deleted, and it becomes: 100, instead of respecting the period (.), so it ends up displaying: 10000.
  • Another example is using both periods (.) and commas (,). I want to enter: 1.400,50 and as I enter each number, the delimiters get deleted, resulting in the value: 140050, which is incorrect.

Attached are images.
symbol Amount:
New Opportunities view:
Error al typing:

And if I change the data type of the ‘Opportunity Amount’ field to double, the ‘Currency’ field disappears automatically.


Now in CRM:

That’s an interesting problem but I don’t know if it is possible to use different number format for different currencies.

You may need to write an code to achieve this. Also, check workflow and logic hooks in the documentation.