Error exporting to CSV

Hi, I have a sugarcRM 6.5.24 in a suite CRM 7.8.2.

My problem is when I try to export a table to a csv file in firefox, it appear the following message:

In Chrome it works correctly.

I remember seeing that error in my Firefox in other sites, not SuiteCRM… but that was months ago, I haven’t seen it lately. Are you using the latest Firefox (v 69)?

Also, if you can try that export from the live demo, we can see if it is a bug that is already fixed in the latest versions of SuiteCRM: (user:will, pass: will)

Import error message: Input format invalid. No credentials supplied on line xx
This indicates that there is a blank row at the end of your respondent list. Open your respondent list file, delete the row immediately after the last respondent record, save the file and try again.

If this does not work, copy the respondent list into a new file as follows:

  • Create a new, blank file in the program you used to create your original respondent list file.
  • Open the original respondent list file and select and copy only the rows that contain respondent information. Do not copy the entire sheet, and do not copy any blank rows at the end of the list.
  • Paste these rows into the new file.
  • Save the new file as a CSV and try again.

Hi officially4h, my problem is when I try to export a report, but there aren´t blank rows.

Thanks pgr, I try the live demo and it seems that it solved in latest versions. But I want to solve it without updating the crm.

Then you would have to go on GitHub, figure out which PR includes the fix for this, and apply the patch manually. But I warn you, this can be time-consuming and complex…