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Error Email Attachments

I found a problem in suite 7.12.5.

When I try to send an email with many attachments, this action doesn’t work.
I discovered that there’s a SMTP problem and the email is too big to be sent.
So, I tried to send the email without attachments, but I have the same error.

I saw in modules/Emails/Email.php , in handleMultipleFileAttachments there are some calls on the function getNotes.

In one of these there’s this comment : get notes from OLD email for use in new email

So I debug it and it seems that even if I delete the attachments, this function gets the attachments of the previous email and adds to the new one. So I got the same size error in SMTP.

Is correct this logic or it’s possibile to modify ?

Is there a Draft email left somewhere in the system? Can you find it and delete it? Maybe the only way to find it is directly in the database…