Error displaying SubPanels when Account has Contacts

I have 1 Account where when I add Contacts the Account does not show the Sub Panels.

I have tested other accounts, and they do not have the same problem. Any ideas? I have done Repair & Rebuild, Repair Relationships etc. with no change. Is it just that somehow this record has become corrupted or is there something I should look for.

After further review it appears to be slightly more complex.

I have created a new Module called Assett.
Assets relates to Products and Accounts.

If my Account has a Contact - then in Account view all SubPanels show.
If my Account has an Asset - then in Account view all SubPanels show

If my Account has both an Asset and a Contact - the SubPanels do not show in Account view.

I have noticed that in Custom->Extensions->Modules->Accounts.->Ext->Layoutdefs there are some files starting with override_ as the name.

Are these related to my problem.

All Permissions are 775, and I am running SuiteCRM7.2.1 - any suggestions are appreciated.

This might be worth looking in the sugarcrm.log and the php logs to see if that will open a door to a error which might be causing this ?


Hi Ian

I had a good look through the logs and I saw a constant challenge with LogicHooks.

I was running the “CheckDuplicates” code from, on two Subpanels - Contacts - for Telephone Numbers - and Serial Numbers on my Assets Module. I then disabled that and only ran it on Contacts and the problem was resolved. It therefore appears to be an issue with running CheckDups on two Subpanels at the same time, so I will review this further.

Any thoughts on why this could happen?


This link shows related data nothing I can see about CheckDuplicates ? What was the error you were seeing which pointed it to a Logic Hook ?


Hi Ian

Sorry wrong linke -

And I discovered that the issue was a coding error on my side with regards syntax and capitalisation when I re-wrote it for my needs.

Live and learn

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